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Monday Motivation

The story of Sharing Solace started long ago. In 2010, on May 20th, my daughter Madelyn Elizabeth died in my arms just a few hours after she was born – while we were still in the hospital. That’s a feeling I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy; I could actually feel her life slipping away […]

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Better or Bitter?

Don’t want to watch the video? Read the transcript below:Hi Everyone! Crystal Webster with Sharing Solace here. So recently I got back into the networking game. All business aside, I love to network. It’s a great way to meet new people and kind of see how they tick. This particular meeting I’d never been to […]

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Madelyn’s 6th Birthday Announcement!

Don’t want to watch the video? Read the transcript below:Happy birthday Miss Madelyn! Today would be Madelyn Elizabeth’s sixth birthday and in honor of her birthday I am very excited to introduce to you her new project, Sharing Solace. It truly amazes me just how many lives Madelyn touched. Her grasp reached so much further […]

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